What is the difference between Chinese linear chargers and switching chargers?

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Linear and switching chargers are used in a wide variety of applications: hearing aids, smart watches, sensor nodes, cell phones, laptops... the list goes on! Whenever a rechargeable battery is used, a charger is required. However, given the pros and cons associated with the different charging topologies available, you may need to consider more factors when choosing a charger.
Each method has its pros and cons. Linear chargers are small, easy to use, and low cost. Without any switching, they are suitable for noise-sensitive applications; however, when the charging current is large, the power consumption is high.
Switching chargers are known for their high efficiency and minimize power consumption over a wide variation of input adapter voltage. But compared to it, additional inductors and capacitors consume more board space, increasing BOM cost and design complexity. Due to the above advantages, switch-mode chargers have been used in the past to power modern lithium batteries, wireless power, energy harvesting, solar charging, etc. However, there is now an opportunity for an ultra-low current consumption, high voltage linear battery charger that does not have the drawbacks associated with typical linear chargers.

In order to adapt to the development of the times and reduce the energy consumption of products, the company started to develop the research and development of switching power supply chargers, switching power supplies and smart chargers, and put into mass production in 2008, which further upgraded the company's products and technology. It has laid a solid foundation for the stable development of the enterprise. The company has the "China Charger Network" industry website and the "China Charger Portal" mobile portal website.

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