Do you know the working mode and characteristics of switching power supply manufacturers?

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In layman's terms, switching power supply manufacturers actually use electronic switching components, and then according to the control loop, the electronic quick-closing components can be continuously connected and turned off, so that the electronic switching components can pulse the input voltage, and the output voltage can be adjusted. Fully automatic regulator tube. Let's follow the editor to learn about the working mode and characteristics of switching power supply manufacturers!
1. Working mode
Usually switching power supply manufacturers have three working modes: fixed frequency, variable total width of single pulse, and fixed total width of single pulse. The first working mode is generally suitable for DC/AC inverter power supply or DC/DC voltage conversion. The remaining two are mostly used for DC regulated power supply. In addition, the voltage output by the switching power supply manufacturer is also the third working method: the immediate output voltage method, the average output voltage method, and the amplitude value output voltage method. This is also the same as the above, and I will not describe it in detail here.
According to the method of connecting switching components in the power supply circuit, switching power supply manufacturers can be roughly divided into three categories: series switching power supply, parallel switching power supply, and transformer switching power supply. Among them, the transformer type switching power supply can also be further divided into: push-pull type, half-bridge type, full-bridge type and so on. According to the encouragement of the transformer and the position of the output voltage, it can be divided into: forward excitation, flyback type, single excitation type and double excitation type.
Second, the characteristics of switching power supply manufacturers
1. Because the size of the device is relatively small, its weight is also very light. When there is no power frequency transformer, the volume and net weight are only 20% to 30% of the linear regulated power supply.
2. Switching power supply manufacturers have low power and high efficiency: when the output power transistor is on and off, the power on the transistor is very small, and its conversion efficiency is very high, usually 60 to 70 percent. But linear power is only 30 to 40 percent.

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