Can a transformer act as a charger?

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Under normal circumstances, most chargers have a transformer inside, which means that the transformer is a component, not all. So the two are not equivalent. Specifically:
1. The so-called transformer means that it has output and output ports, and both input and output are AC. It is composed of iron core, copper wire and skeleton, and belongs to accessories. The charger also has input and output ports, but the input is AC or DC, and the output is DC, which belongs to a finished product. The two are completely different concepts. There is a transformer (low frequency or high frequency transformer) in the charger, because it is just an accessory. If you want to charge, you also need rectification (filtering), (current limiting), (charging control), etc., It is a static converter device that uses power electronic semiconductor devices to convert alternating current with constant voltage and frequency into direct current. It is widely used in various fields, especially in the field of life. It is widely used in common electrical appliances such as mobile phones and cameras.

2. If your so-called transformer is a finished product (that is, the power supply we usually see), there is a transformer inside, but the output is DC, it is not called a transformer, it is called a power adapter. Usually, in some cases, the power adapter can also be used as a charger, but most of them are not so compatible and need to be modified.
3. Whether it can be used as a transformer depends on the structure and where it is used. There are many kinds and cannot be generalized. In other words, these 2 are completely different things, the structure is suitable, and they can be modified, but they cannot be directly replaced. It's like a cart and a wheel, one is a finished product, the other is an accessory, and that's it.

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