The new charger saves energy and keeps fit

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Modern people with heavy work pressure may often neglect their bodies due to work reasons, and the biologicfreecharge foot charger undoubtedly gives everyone an opportunity to exercise on the way to and from get off work.
Folding bike manufacturer Daxing released the biologicfreecharge pedal charger at the European Bicycle Show held in Germany a few days ago, which has become a topic of heated discussion on twitter.
The freecharge charger can be connected to any commercially available hub generator, and transfer the electricity generated by pedaling to a high-capacity battery, and then charge the stable current to small devices such as ipod, mobile phone, and gps.
The charger is packaged in a simple silicone case that is firmly attached to the bike, allowing you to charge your iPhone or iPod while you pedal.
It's unclear whether using freecharge to charge a portable device can be as fast as plugging it into a 120-watt outlet—the time it takes to fully charge may also depend on how fast you pedal. However, iPhones generally take three hours to fully charge, so unless you're riding a bike to the countryside, it may only be suitable for charging other smaller devices.
biologicfreecharge is expected to launch in March next year, priced at about $99

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