Switching power supply manufacturers teach you how to deal with the filtering?

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After Xiaobian's research, it is found that a small number of components will fail in the switching regulator power supply. The general fault is the switching transistor itself. Because the short circuit of the transistor fails, the fuse will burn when a lot of current flows through the transformer. Transistor failure is actually caused by bad capacitors. Therefore, capacitors are specially designed to solve the strict filtering in switching power supply manufacturers.
Many switching power supply manufacturers will still use low ESR capacitors as the first installation of machinery and equipment, because it will also be much more expensive than traditional capacitors. Can be used as a replacement part, which can improve the life of the power supply. If you use a power supply, you can replace a lot of output filter capacitors with low ESR capacitors without looking good. Many tests are performed with power outages.
Test a pair of switching transistors from a switching power supply manufacturer. This method is only used on heat pipe radiators and is used to assist in their cooling. Test according to the ohmmeter or meter set to the diode test category according to the application. Check for a short circuit between the emitter and collector of each transistor. In exchange, many transistors were found to be unqualified. While some staff claim that even if just one of them is not good you should change them, I don't think that's the case. By the way, this transistor seems to be testing for a short circuit between the base and the emitter all the time during the "in-circuit" test.
When the switching transistor of the switching power supply manufacturer fails, there is a short-circuit failure between the emitter and the collector. If in doubt, pull the transistor out of the power circuit for testing. If the transistor shorts out, the fuse will blow. Please additionally test the high voltage diode. Although high voltage diodes can be stand-alone diodes, they are generally part of a bridge rectifier.

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