Power transformer manufacturers describe the working principle

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Its output and input use a special transformer with the same set of coils, and the step-up and step-down are also realized by using different taps. The tap voltage of the part with less coils that can be shared will decrease, and the part with more coils than the shared coil will be used. That is, the tap voltage will increase.
In fact, this principle is the same as that of ordinary power transformer manufacturers. This is only that its original coil is the secondary coil. Usually, the primary coil on the left passes through electromagnetic induction, so that the secondary coil on the right generates voltage, and the autocoupling will also have an impact. of.
Autocoupling is a power transformer manufacturer with only one winding. When used as a step-down, a part of the turns can be extracted from the winding as a secondary winding. If used as a boost, the applied voltage can be applied to some turns of the winding. Generally, the part that belongs to the primary and secondary is called the common winding, and the rest of the auto-coupling is also called the series winding. Compared with the common auto-coupling of the same capacity, it is not only small in size, but also very efficient. High. This capacity is also relatively large, and the voltage will be very high, so the advantages are more prominent. With the continuous development of the power system, the improvement of the voltage level and the increase of the transmission capacity, the autocoupling has been widely used because of its large capacity, low loss and low cost.
From this, we can see the principle of power transformer manufacturers. This cannot have separate primary winding and secondary winding, and only one coil can achieve the purpose of voltage conversion. When the primary winding is connected to the AC power supply, the voltage of each turn of the primary winding will decrease, and the voltage will be evenly distributed in the primary winding. The voltage of the secondary winding is also equal to the voltage of each turn of the primary winding multiplied by the number of turns of three or four. Hope you can learn more about it too.

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