Switching power supply manufacturers share how to choose and buy?

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In fact, for customers, the price that is more concerned about the purchase of switching power supply manufacturers is. But at present, this kind of market is relatively serious, and the price of two models of the same wattage may differ by 50% or more. When we choose a product, we can not only measure it by price, but also look at its brand, material, quality, after-sales service and other aspects. Now there is some vicious competition in this industry on the market, so it will also have an impact on the development trend of our products, and the price is not relatively low. However, customers prefer to compare the prices of small processing plants with regular brands or manufacturers. Usually manufacturers will make some concessions so that they will have some order information, but this will also affect their own image. of. So what is the difference between the two?
Generally speaking, switching power supply manufacturers are composed of many electronic components, but because of the potential danger of electrical equipment, this is also a closed product that does not allow the shell to be opened. This has caused many customers to only measure according to the trademark and wattage on it, as well as a relatively intuitive price. Actually, this is not as simple as we thought. In fact, the material can affect 70% of its quality, but the circuit principle, processing technology and other factors need to account for a lot of proportions.
In terms of raw materials, it can be divided into three levels, the lower ones are leftover materials or fake materials. The middle is the secondary material. Better is good stuff. Many small manufacturers will choose side materials and fake materials to make up the number, and non-brand manufacturers will use better secondary materials, and only brand companies will choose better materials. Then in order to ensure that users can get better switching power supply manufacturers need good quality, each step will be more important, which is often overlooked by customers when choosing products, so everyone must choose Watch out.

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