Switching power supply manufacturers talk about the soft start process?

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The switch tube is a more important device in the switching power supply manufacturer, and it has also received more attention in the debugging process of the power supply. This turn-off and turn-on action is actually a more complicated process, but we can also analyze it simply. For example: when it is turned on or off, it can be regarded as an ideal switch, and then when it is working, there are only two states, on or off.
When people needed to test their characteristics before, they just stopped at the multimeter to measure the static current and voltage, and then needed to use the calculator to perform complex calculations. But now the oscilloscope has become the measurement platform of choice for many engineers. Some cost-effective oscilloscopes also come with power analysis software that simplifies setup and makes dynamic measurements easier. To put it simply, it takes time to turn on or off. This on-time is generally divided into extension time or rise time, but the off time is also divided into delay and fall.
The switching power supply manufacturer is in the beginning of a cycle. Because the output voltage needs to charge the filter energy storage capacitor, the current is also very large, so it is generally necessary to use soft-start measures, and the space occupied at the beginning is relatively small. , and then it will gradually return to normal. This is why the working voltage is relatively low at the beginning, and then slowly rises back to normal. This time is usually relatively long, and some may reach hundreds of milliseconds. At this time, the storage capacity of the oscilloscope is very tested. Generally, the power-on waveform of the output terminal can be seen within 1.64 seconds of the power supply, or there will be two buffer rise processes.
The above is the introduction of some soft-start processes of switching power supply manufacturers. I hope you can learn more about them.

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