Do you know how to judge the quality of the iron core of the power transformer manufacturer?

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Many people know that power transformer manufacturers are mainly composed of iron cores and coils, but the quality of the iron cores will also directly affect the product quality.
The three methods of visual observation are:
1. Look at its color and texture: Generally, a good iron core can be made of oriented cold-rolled silicon steel sheet seamless coils, which are usually gray, and the stripes are relatively fine, and this has no orientation. It is white and has a large gap.
2. Secondly, look at the thickness of the iron core: because a good iron core is made without seam coils, compared with silicon steel sheets, the thinner the quality is better, so the eddy current loss will be relatively Low.
3. Then we have to look at the production process of the iron core: see if it is smooth, flat, and uniform in thickness, and there is no burr in the front incision.
Of course, if you want to more accurately judge the quality of the iron core of the power transformer manufacturer, you can also use it to test together to see if the no-load current and load conditions are more accurate. Both of these will be introduced below.
1. No-load test: A coil with a certain number of turns is wound on the iron core, and then there will be alternating current of the corresponding size. Measure the size of the current to judge whether it is good or bad, and if the no-load current is smaller, That means the quality will be better.
2. Load test: Observe the temperature change during the operation of the product during the test. If the temperature rises quickly, it means that its loss is relatively large, and the quality is not very good. On the contrary, it can be understood in this way.
There are still many merchants in the market who use defective products as good products for sales, but it is difficult for customers to judge whether they are good or bad. I believe that through the above introduction, everyone has a certain understanding of the judgment, and I hope it can help you. .

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