Which winding material is the best for toroidal power transformer manufacturers?

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Users who are familiar with toroidal power transformer manufacturers know that there are three types of winding materials, namely copper wire, aluminum wire, and copper-clad aluminum wire. So the question is, do you know which material it uses will be better? Follow along with me to find out!
1. Copper wire: If all copper wires are used, then its loss is very low, the heating will be faster, the power will be sufficient, and the conversion rate will be high. It can be used for highways, but it is This price will be higher than the aluminum wire.
2. Aluminum wire: This kind of wire is relatively light in weight. Although the price is much cheaper than that of copper wire, this kind of ductility is not very good, and it is very easy to break or thin during use. Although it heats up very high, the electrical conductivity is not very good, and it can't make enough power. Also, it will be very talkative during production, and the processing technology level is also very critical.
3. Copper-clad aluminum wire: For toroidal power transformer manufacturers, this price is also relatively good, but its temperature rise is also very high, the conductivity is relatively poor, and the loss is also very large, so it cannot make enough power.
According to the above analysis, I believe that everyone knows copper wire, aluminum wire, and copper-clad aluminum wire. It is better to use pure copper wire for good products. This is also very easy to see in the market. Now, those with insufficient power in the market are generally made of aluminum wire or copper-clad aluminum wire.
When users choose, in addition to looking at the price, the editor recommends that they can look at the quality of the product and the effect of use.

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