What are the functions of power transformer manufacturers

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I believe many people know that its main function is to help transmit power, voltage conversion and isolation of insulation, so it has been widely used in power supply technology and power electronics technology.

The basic form of power transformer manufacturers mainly consists of two sets of coils with wires wound together, and the way of inductive inductance is usually called together. Whenever an alternating current is applied to one set of coils, the other set of coils will experience an alternating voltage of the same frequency, but the magnitude of the induced voltage depends on the coupling of the two coils and the degree of magnetic interlinkage.

Usually the coil connected to the AC power source is called the primary coil, but the voltage across the coil is also called the primary voltage. Under the induction of the secondary coil, the voltage may be larger or smaller than the primary voltage, which is also determined by the possible turns of the primary coil and the secondary coil. Therefore, power transformer manufacturers will have two types of step-up and step-down. Many have fixed iron cores, including primary and secondary coils in Shangrao. For the high permeability of iron materials, a lot of magnetic flux is confined in the iron core, so the two sets of coils can obtain a relatively high degree of magnetic coupling.

In the above, the coil and the iron core are combined with each other, and the ratio of the primary and secondary voltages is basically the same as the number of coil turns between the two. Therefore, in terms of the number of turns, it can usually be used as a parameter index for boosting or bucking. This is also a more important appendage in the modern power system. Increasing the transmission voltage will make long-distance transmission of power very good. For the step-down, you can also use a variety of power.

The above are some related introductions this time, I hope you can learn more about them.

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