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Small power transformers are widely used, but they also produce different temperatures when used. Don't underestimate this temperature, because the height is important. If the temperature is relatively high, it will not be very good for the iron core inside, and it will also cause burns to some extent. Conversely, the lower the temperature, the lower the output voltage will be. So everyone must control the temperature, how to control it?

1. How is the current loaded?

1. The precise load current balancing of the parallel base units is controlled because of the additional PWM correction. It is also possible to bring several synchronised units for parallel operation and to control the elimination of circulating currents. Each base unit is isolated using electrical load. Each base unit has its own controller and can also supply power to the load through insulated windings.

2. PWM is also an independent, asynchronous, free-running signal, and each basic unit has its own separate DC link. On the grid side, each unit actually has its own sinusoidal LC filter. If the outputs are galvanically isolated, there is no circulating current between the different DC links.

3. This is an easier way to parallelize separate units with standard stand-alone controllers. A simpler design based on generator side electrical isolation. Three parallel independent drivers with discrete click windings. Note that this driver can be used in parallel with one or two.

2. How does the temperature of the small power transformer control system change?

1. All systems are controlled by a controller and PWM signal. All three-phase transformers can be connected to a common DC link voltage. For each independent base unit driver, paralleling of the drivers is also possible. The working time of the driver is relatively small, and this is also compensated by the relatively small AC output choke coil.

2. All three-phase transformers can operate at the same time, but this has a relatively small time extension, which can also be called an additional AC choke coil for compensation. Each cell that employs a symmetrical layout and a positive temperature coefficient of IGBT saturation voltage drop to ensure proper load current balancing essentially carries an additional correction of the signal.

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