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I believe many people know that when using the charger manufacturer, it will be plugged in for convenience and will not be unplugged. Now I will introduce to you what are the hazards of such use?

1. Shorten the use time

Because it is composed of electronic components, if it is plugged into the socket for a long time, it is easy to heat up, which will also cause the aging of the components, and some short-circuits will occur, which will greatly reduce the heat. reduce its usage time.

2. Power consumption

If it is always on the socket but does not charge the mobile phone, then the internal circuit board is actually still powered on, and it will consume electricity in the normal working state.

Let's follow the editor to find out what precautions the charger manufacturers have in use!

1. Do not charge in a cold or hot environment

When charging, you must keep away from refrigerators, ovens and other items, as well as places that are exposed to direct sunlight. If the family living conditions are high temperature for a long time, it is recommended to use a charging head with high temperature resistance and built-in high-performance switching transformer.

2. Do not charge near pillows, sheets, etc.

Many people play mobile phones when it is convenient for charging. Everyone is used to charging near the bedside or pillow, but in this case, it is easy to short circuit or spontaneously ignite, so pillows and sheets are also more dangerous flammable substances.

3. Do not use and damaged charging cable

When the metal of the charging cable is exposed, it is easy to cause leakage during use, and the current, the human body, and the floor can easily form a closed circuit, which is a great safety hazard. Therefore, everyone In the process of use, the damaged charging device must be replaced in time.

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