The charger is no longer far away from the plug

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The power cord of the charger always trips you when you are busy, or ties a knot that cannot be untied, so the invention of the new wireless charger allows us to get rid of the tangled power cord. According to the British "Daily Mail" report, Japanese scientists have developed a new wireless charger and successfully demonstrated it. This new type of charger can charge devices up to 1 meter away, and with its emergence and popularity, we will one day completely say "break" with the power plug.

Japanese scientists said that this wireless charger can charge a series of electrical devices such as mobile phones and electric vehicles. In fact, wireless charging systems are nothing new, and anyone who uses electric toothbrushes must have noticed that there is no wire connection between the toothbrush and the charger. But so far, wireless charging outside the lab has been limited to devices that use very little power, and the distance achievable between the device and the charger is negligible. In addition, the powered device must also be aimed at the charger, otherwise the charging process will not be completed smoothly.

The new wireless charger is composed of a sending coil and a receiving coil, and does not depend on the prepared location for charging. The transmitter and receiver can detect each other and the former can be rotated to ensure proper placement. Nagano Nippon Radio said that when the transmission distance is 40 cm, the charging efficiency can reach 95%. They hope to increase the output from tens of watts to several kilowatts. For Japanese scientists, the real test now is how to reduce the size of this new charger

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