Sony's new 1.5A rapid hand-crank charger

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If your phone is dead and you can't find an available power source for miles around, what's the first way to charge it? Sony told us at the launch of the new power bank a few days ago - do it yourself and have enough food and clothing.

Sony released the hand-crank charger on the 20th of this month. We have already filled a mobile phone in 48 hours. Sony released the hand-crank USB charger and made a preliminary report. Now the time has come, this product is on sale in the Japanese market, the model is CP-A2LAKS, let's see how the effect of human flesh charging is.

Because someone asked a strange question at the press conference, the personnel of Sony's battery marketing department answered the original intention of the "human flesh charger". In fact, the idea of ​​​​making a hand-cranked charger is very simple for Sony - Japan is a country prone to natural disasters, and all power sources that rely on cables to transmit energy are unreliable. At critical moments, you can only rely on yourself.

Sony once launched a hand-cranked radio ICF-B03. The technology of the CP-A2LAKS hand-crank charger is in the same line as it. The selling point of this product is not only human flesh charging, but also has a large battery, which can be separated from the charger and used as a mobile power supply, so that it is not only a disaster prevention. A selling point.

Regarding the question of "how many times per minute can an iPhone be fully charged", Sony said that the CP-A2LAKS has been optimized internally. It can be shaken 120 times per minute and lasted for three minutes to get 1 minute of continuous mobile phone talk time, which is not only economical and practical, but also It is also a good exercise for the user's arm strength.

When charging, the handle sometimes becomes heavy, so imagine it as an uphill bicycle. Sony set the charging time to 120 times in 1 minute to make everyone not very tired. Of course, because the hand-crank charging is an emergency function, it is still relatively difficult for you to use it to fully charge an iPhone, and it is even more impossible to charge an iPad, laptop, etc., unless you are a superman.

Another eye-catching feature of CP-A2LAKS is the fast charging function. Its maximum power supply can reach 1.5A, and it can fill a mobile phone in "only" 48 hours - of course, the premise is that your arm strength is strong.

Connected to ordinary AC power, CP-A2LAKS only takes 130 minutes to fully charge a smartphone, which is 58% shorter than the charging time of commercially available ordinary power sources. If the phone itself supports the ultra-fast charging function, the charging time will be shorter.

Sony Ni-MH battery pack launched at the same time at the press conference
Sony's new power bank
The price of the CP-A2LAKS hand-crank charger is 4,500 yen (about RMB 360), and it has been officially launched in Japan. To be honest, this price is really expensive, but if it can save your mobile phone at a critical moment, I believe there are still many students who are willing to pay for it, right?

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