Tongji Technology (600846): New Energy Battery Gold Mine That Has Not Been Excavated

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With the improvement of people's living standards, the enhancement of environmental protection awareness, and the rise of traditional energy prices, the demand for reusable secondary mobile power sources will enter a period of rapid growth in the future, especially the good development prospects of the electric vehicle market will become It is an important development direction and one of the pillar industries of the new energy industry. Desai Battery (000049) has two consecutive daily limit prices in the first two trading days, and closed the daily limit again at the end of today. It can be said to be the biggest bull stock in recent trading days, and the biggest theme of the stock is new energy batteries. Therefore, investors may wish to focus on short-term stocks that also have the theme of new energy batteries but have not yet been fully explored by the market: Tongji Technology (600846).

The company was restructured from the original 11 science and technology enterprises of Tongji University, a famous university, and was one of the first three university enterprises to go public in China. In 2007, the company reorganized the science and technology park, and merged Shanghai Tongji Yangpu Science and Technology Pioneering Park Co., Ltd. controlled by the company with the original Shanghai Tongji Science and Technology Park Co., Ltd., which was a shareholding of the company, so that the actual controller of the company, Tongji University, will be "National University". The brand of "Science and Technology Park" was injected into the company's holding subsidiary, and the capital of the surviving company was increased. With the acceleration of the GEM launch process, the company's assets will increase substantially.

In recent years, my country's environmental protection industry has developed rapidly, with an average annual growth rate of 18%. It is predicted that in the next 10 years, the average growth rate of my country's environmental protection industry output value will be 15%-20%. Building an "environmentally friendly" society has become a basic national policy in China's "Eleventh Five-Year Plan". Tongji University is a first-class discipline in domestic universities in terms of water treatment. The company makes full use of the advantages of Tongji University and actively enters the field of environmental protection industry. The company is currently building an environmental protection project, which will establish two important water treatment bases, one south and one north. The investment of 7.6 billion yuan in the national environmental protection field, and the investment of more than 700 billion yuan during the tenth five-year period. The environmental protection industry is growing rapidly. It is expected that the environmental protection investment will increase to about 1.3 trillion yuan during the eleventh five-year plan period. There are huge economic benefits hidden in it! Therefore, Tongji Technology (600846) has a very broad prospect in the field of environmental protection.

The proton membrane fuel cell fueled by hydrogen energy has become the biggest highlight of the energy revolution in the 21st century, and will solve the energy shortage of fuel vehicles in my country. From a long-term perspective, hydrogen energy will become a new energy source with the greatest potential. The "Beyond No. 3" fuel cell vehicle independently developed by Tongji University, the company's largest shareholder, has been successfully developed and entered the stage of industrialization, bringing huge imagination to the company. Space. The company has strong strength in environmental protection research. According to CCTV reports, the "Beyond No. 3" hydrogen fuel cell vehicle developed by Tongji University will serve the Olympic Games. As the Olympic Games are getting closer, the company can also share more profit points.

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